Friday, September 20, 2013

October Writing Challenge 2013!

Next month Starting October 1st School of Life NYC is teaming up with A Higher Society to bring you yet another creative outlet:

Each day will be assigned a word or theme for that day. In whatever form your heart desires; a freewrite, poem, song, rap, essay, whatever, just write at least 150 words. Based on or built around that day’s word or theme; no one is right or wrong, but we are all challenge in ability to write.
Post each item daily, within the 24 hours of the day; early morning, midday, evening; just post it for that day. Just keep in mind when posting to use the hashtag #OctoberWritingChallenge. 

-- Stay tuned for more details. Closer to October 1st, links will be posted in regards to how to enter your daily submissions, connect will others in taking the challenge, etc..

If you'd like; contact me with any and all questions, comments, and/or inquiries! Reach out on Twitter @ConnieBoo, Instagram @sh_Coco, or email I am looking forward to reading your pieces.. LETS GO #OCTOBERWRITINGCHALLENGE